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Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the art of training and teaching a computer program to think and make decisions as a human being would, with fewer errors, without fatigue and without forgetting. Leaving the human being freer to be creative, more human. This is what we do, applying engineering, mathematical models and cutting-edge algorithms.

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Mixed Reality.

At Stratos we are passionate about finding new job prospects, that bring the future to the now to strengthen the competitive advantages of our clients. With mixed reality, we give life to the use of holograms creating a more visual way to do engineering, sell ideas, train collaborators, control processes and strengthen the remote assistance of experts overcoming the barrier of time and distance. We take the companies to the future.

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Business digital tools.

Innovation and security are values that we at Stratos live and firmly assume, that is why we promote a portfolio of high-value citizen and business solutions with our own developments and by a partner. We implement specific digital tools and applications to solve specific problems that improve management, security, and communication in organizations and cities. We are actors of positive changes for society.